Each year the Ross-Harmon Educator of the Year Committee hosts an awards dinner to show our recognition of, and appreciation for, individuals who have provided significant contributions to the education of students in the Oroville City Elementary, Oroville Union High, Palermo Union, Thermalito Union School District, Stream Charter and Hearthstone. We rely on community members, school staff, and parents to identify those individuals who deserve recognition.

The categories for nomination are:
* Current Certificated staff
* Current Classified Employees

Recognition could be for innovative programs, years of volunteer service, or some other outstanding achievement by an individual who has added to the quality of life of students.

The deadline for submission of nominations for the 2023 Educator of the Year is Friday March 22nd, 2024.

2023 Award Winners

Allie Bruce – Oroville Union High School District

Brett Lawson – Oroville Union High School District           

Pa Houa Yang – Oroville Union High School District

Jenna Senna – Thermalito Union Elementary School District

Tiana Grap – Thermalito Union Elementary School District 

Rachelle Linden – Oroville City Elementary School District 

Tabitha VanGunda – Oroville City Elementary School District

Dawn Merlo – Palermo Union School District

View Past Winners


  1. Lisa Cruikshank, Principal February 7, 2014 — 11:54 pm

    Classified Employee Recognition – Poplar Avenue School in Thermalito

    Lia Vang, a kindergarten paraeducator, is here every day, for our kids! She loves them and shows it with hugs and getting to know each student individually. Although Lia is very caring towards our students, she also holds them to high expectations and expects their best at all times. She is willing to do anything asked of her and is always a team player. Lia goes above and beyond her expected duties by getting to know other students and staff beyond our classroom, building relationships, and assisting whenever needed. Lia seeks out opportunities to learn more and gain training that will benefit students academically. She is great at self-direction and figuring out what needs to be attended to the moment she walks in the classroom of twenty-five eager little children with questions and smiles.

    Here is what some of her students said about her…

    “Miss Vang tries to help us. She is nice and she takes care of us.”
    “When we need help working, she always comes and helps us. When we get hurt she helps us.”
    “Miss Vang is helpful, nice, and she plays with us. She always gives us caring, and joy, and stuff. She helps us read and fixes our books.”

    1. Lisa Cruikshank, Principal February 8, 2014 — 12:03 am

      Oops! I posted this nomination in the wrong spot. I completed a nomination form.

  2. Awesome to see Mrs. Diaz recognized. A well deserved award for a teacher who really cares for students. Go Mrs. DIAZ,

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