Awards Namesakes

charlotte ross
Charlotte Ross

“During the remainder of my time at Oroville High School, I was blessed to be associated with many great teachers and administrators. My relationships with the students have been my greatest accomplishments. I have always had the philosophy, if you look for good in the students, you will find it. I have always tried to be a good listener. Many times, all a student needs is for someone to show an interest in her or him. It is very hard for me to talk about myself, because I am the one that has been blessed.”  Charlotte retired from OUHSD in 2010.




Bruce Harmon

During Bruce’s short time in Oroville, he was active in local education from being on site councils to proudly serving as a trustee on the Oroville City Elementary School Board. He was also interested in area youth sports and high school football. Bruce once described himself stating “I am one of the real nice guys in the world. I’m easy going and it takes a lot to get me irritated. I’m a very passionate person and when I get involved in something there is generally no stopping me.”  Sadly, Bruce passed away suddenly in 2011.

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